Giorgio Gerardi


I filmed with a GoPro during a nighttime car journey. During post-production, I inverted the colors, transforming the darkness of the night into a milky white. The rhythm of the journey is dictated by the streetlights along the highway, the cars I pass, and those that pass me, as well as the road markings.

The difference between observation and participation constitutes a fundamental theme in human experience, influencing our perception of the world and how we interact with it. Observing implies a distant position, where we are spectators of the situations and events surrounding us. It is an act of contemplation in which we passively absorb what happens without directly influencing its course.

Participating requires active and direct involvement in the event or situation. It is an act of presence, where we fully immerse ourselves in the action, influencing it with our decisions, actions, and emotions. Participation carries a sense of responsibility and impact on the final outcome, as our choices directly influence what happens.

In daily life, we often find ourselves navigating between these two ways of interacting with the world.

On a journey, we are both things: we observe what surrounds us from time to time, but it is us who choose the path, it is us who choose what to see.

Observation and participation are two sides of the same coin. They complement each other, creating a rich and profound travel experience. Observation provides us with raw material, participation transforms it into a unique and unrepeatable story.

On a journey, we are observers and participants at the same time. Through the combination of these two dimensions, we bring to life an experience rich in discovery, learning, and creation. The journey thus becomes an act of exploring the world and ourselves, an opportunity to broaden our horizons and shape our personal story.

11 2023

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