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abstract photography

Do you like abstract photography? Would you like to hang a print of an abstract image at home or would you like to give one as a gift? Are you looking for something special or just want to see some images? Continue reading, you might be interested in my work.

Walking in the park on a quiet March morning

My name is Giorgio Gerardi; I use my camera and my favorite subjects are clouds, leaves, trees, and everyday objects.

I focus on details, on details, which I enlarge with digital graphics programs.
Work for projects, which are realized in single series of 4 – 10 images.

The original images are high-definition (15000 x 10000 pixels, at 300 dpi), and can be printed in large formats (150 x 100 cm, 60 x 40 inc, and larger).

Giorgio Gerardi

Click to download my project “Only clouds”, it’s free and I don’t ask you the email

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