Are you interested in contemporary art photography?

Contemporary artistic photography is the search for new creative visions with the use of techniques and tools of the photographic language.

My name is Giorgio Gerardi and I like the world of image. In my analyses I dwell on details, on details, which I enlarge with digital graphics programs.

Walking in the park on a quiet March morning

The original images are of excellent quality and have a good definition (15000 x 10000 pixels, at 300 dpi), and therefore lend themselves to be printed in large formats (150 x 100 cm, 60 x 40 inc. and larger).

They can be hung in living rooms, rooms and corridors, offices and waiting rooms, in all those spaces where they can be used as furniture.

If you want to see some series of my project “clouds”, download my book, it is free and I don’t ask the email

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contemporary art photography

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