Are you interested in photo prints for living rooms?

stampe fotografiche per salotti
stampe fotografiche per salotti

If you are looking for beautiful photo prints for your living room, your bedroom, the entrance of your home, here you can find a wide range of photographs in large format.

Click on the following images, and see how I work.

My name is Giorgio Gerardi and I like the world of image. I use my camera and my favorite subjects are clouds, leaves, trees, and everyday objects.

Giorgio Gerardi

I focus on details, on details, which I enlarge with digital graphics programs.
Work for projects, which are realized in single series of 4 – 10 images.

If you want to see some series of my project “clouds”, download my book, it is free and I don’t ask the email

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photo prints for living rooms

Se vuoi vedere alcune serie del mio progetto “nuvole”, scarica il mio libro, è gratuito e non chiedo la mail

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