Looking for photos to hang?

Looking for photos to hang in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office? Looking for images large enough to decorate your home or where you work?

Do you want to customize your home, office or waiting room? The prints fit perfectly in all these areas. With the right selection of images, print quality and packaging, you can make your home, office or waiting room more elegant.

stampe fotografiche per salotti

You can choose between different series; click on the following images

My name is Giorgio Gerardi and I like the world of image. I use my camera and my favorite subjects are clouds, leaves, trees, and everyday objects.

I dwell on details, details, which I enlarge. The original images have a very good definition, and can be printed in large formats.

Giorgio Gerardi

If you want to see some series of my project “clouds”, download my book, it is free and I don’t ask the email

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photographs to hang

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